In can generate its own unique code Free Riot Points. You can choose from: 840 Riot Points, 1780 and 3620 Riot Riot Points Points. This site contains a unique algorithm for creating the codes of the game League of Legends. all you have to do is follow some quick and easy to generate your code rp league legends steps. Once you’ve generated the code of Riot Points, you can redeem their free code Riot Riot Points in store official. Redeem the code as a League of Legends prepaid code and your account will be credited with the value of your generated code. Everyone is allowed to create its own code of rp free, but we kindly ask the participants to generate a code for a day. This other way devoted League of Legends players can also benefit from this amazing League of Legends Riot Points Generator, 2015 Goodluck with your free Riot Points and have fun!

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  1. I am really happy to use this online tool, this Riot Points generator really helps me, so thank you for developing this Riot Points generator

  2. when I found out about and used this Riot Points generator, my friends really got jealous of me, cos i got free Riot Points. I didn’t tell him about this

  3. I’ve seen people offering Riot Points generator similar to this. But none of them works,, thank you for sharing working one. I have used it several times

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