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You do not read wrong. This end Riot Points Generator, free Riot Points codes are provided here. This is only possible through sponsorship on this website, Facebook page and Facebook group.
By Riot Points Generator, you win a free Riot Points Code. Choose from 650 Riot Points, 1380 Riot Points or 2800 Riot Points, codes that have already been bought by our team and are available here on our website. Free to use on your League of Legends account.

But to win, you need to follow some simple steps through this website, which contains just as the side and share the website. This is the only way that makes this giveaway possible. Without this it would probably not be possible to buy and distribute the code.

The instructions code appears, and you can put it as a prepaid code on your League of Legends account. So, your account will be credited with the amount of Riot Points generated.
Anyone can participate, but perhaps not everyone can win as demand is very high and the codes can be consumed quickly, so we ask each user to generate only one code per day, so that everyone can take advantage of Riot Points Generator.

Riot Points Generator | Get Free RP

Here at Riot Points Generator we give totally free Riot Points Codes. This is only possible by … riot games. – All Rights Reserved 2015.

Step 2

2800 Riot Points – Step 2 … the button for you to achieve your …


Contact. Name. Email Address. Phone Number. Message …

Choose 2800 Riot Points

2800 Riot Points – Step 1. Without your share we could not raise …

Choose 650 Riot Points

650 Riot Points – Step 1. Without your share we could not raise …

2800 Riot Points Unlocked

2800 Riot Points Unlocked. You have completed all steps …


The process is quite simple. To earn riot points for free you must …

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