How to get free riot points in League Of Legends

It’s no surprise that much of the video game market has shifted to MOBA these past few years. With the rise of this particular game type, a lot of titles have clashed to stay on the number one spot in this category. One particular title has kept the spot, leading not only on the player base but also in the eSports scene. League of Legends is a MOBA game that was first launched in 2009. While it had been coined as a ‘DoTA clone’, the game has rose to fame throughout the years while sharing much of its views on Twitch.

League of Legends is constantly pumping out a lot of unique content despite being a free to play game. But how does a free-to-play game maintain itself, or in this case, how does League’s growth maintain through the years? It’s through the purchase of aesthetic content such as skins or using boosts to aid in getting IP (Influence Points) / EXP (experience) or even to get content if you’re not up to farming IP. In order to obtain these perks, you’ll need to make use of RP (Riot Points).

Up to now, RP is only purchased through the means of buying it with real-world cash. Now, where’s the fun in that? You don’t need to bust a bubble as there’s another method to getting RP without spending a dime. While this may sound like your usual League of Legends RP hack, you’ll be happy to know that the Riot Points you’re getting is from codes that are provided by the sponsors of this website.

Without further ado, here are the steps to getting the much needed points to unlock some very valuable content from the store:

  • In order to avail of the free RP promotion, you’ll have to choose one of the three bundles of RP provided: 650, 1380 and 2800. Click on the preferred bundle.
  • You’ll need to like the Facebook page, share it on Google+ or Twitter, or you can also opt to wait 300 seconds (5 minutes).
  • You’ll need to share the text (Get Free Riot Points Codes for League of Legends at in three different places; be it through social media, in any forums, your comments or even blogs. The system checks your posts so make sure to do this step.
  • You’ll have to click on the button which will get you to the code that you’ll need to input to gain the RP. You’ll be prompted with a human verification so the codes are given to a legit person. Once you’ve accomplished this step, you’ll get the code.
  • Simply log in to your League of Legends account via the client. Click the tab for the store and locate the account tab.
  • You’ll need to enter the code in the provided box and click redeem.
  • Voila! Now you have the much needed RP to buy the content on the store. You might want to snag some of that content on sale to get the most out of the RP.

While arguably, this method might seem a little fishy- you don’t need to dive in too deep. The RP Generator provided by our website provides codes that help out on giving you the much need RP to get that new skin on sale.

League of Legends may be a free game but that doesn’t mean a little RP is not going to spice things up. It’s even better when the RP is free!

Other websites to get riot points for free:

If you know some other sources to get free riot points, describe them in comments below.

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